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Sao Vicente Cabo Verde (as opposed to Sao Vicente in Brazil) combines an authentic city culture with a nice landscape and good kitesurfing conditions for intermediate to advanced kitesurfers.
To kitesurf Sao Vicente equates to enjoying the vast amount of space on the water constant wind and the choice of wave conditions in one bay (Salamansa). In Salamansa, you can choose cross-shore, cross-onshore and cross-offshore conditions with waves from the right in small, medium, large size waves. For absolute beginners, Sao Vicente is not good for lessons due to the often powerful waves breaking by the shore.
Sao Vicente has more to offer than beaches and kitesurfing. Most of the 80,000 locals on the small island live in the city of Mindelo. Mindelo is the cultural capital of the Cape Verde islands. It has the most active nightlife of the Cape Verde islands, crammed with artists and musicians to entertain you. You’re also spoilt for choice with many restaurants and bars to eat and drink in or just sit back or stroll around to soak in the colonial architecture and picturesque views that surround the city. Mindelo including the view of one of the most beautiful harbours of the world.
Beyond the city of Mindelo, Sao Vicente offers a landscape the offers beautiful views of mountains and beaches. For instance, a climb up the mountains at Matos Ingles takes you to a great view of the beach of Praia Grande.

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Kitesurf NOW

Please note: the Kitesurf NOW building is no longer there. Please visit Kitesurf Cabo Verde (at Creperie Chez Zoe)

Phone: 0044 7947662419

Kitesurf Cabo Verde / Creperie Chez Zoe

Phone: 00238 9587751

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