Kitesurf Santo Antao Cape Verde

Kitesurf Santo Antao

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Santo Antao kitesurfing

Undiscovered Santo Antao Island offers epic sceneries and kitesurfing spots for advanced kitesurfers. There is no sandy beaches for safe kitesurfing, the only one kitesurf spot offer small area for fairly safe kitesurfing. Nevertheless the island is perfect for hiking where very green steep mountains, waterfalls, hidden black sandy beaches will take your breath away. Observing simple but sometimes very hash life, kids walking to school for 2 hours up to steep mountains, cape verdean meet on the trill inviting you for dinner often offering just potato which is all they have for food. makes you wonder how come those little gems still exists. There seems to be no stress and worry, even without having much food, the locals take the life as it is and enjoy whatever its offers to them…
The island is not busy with tourists so you may feel like Robinson Crusoe discovering the “jewellery” of Cape Verde Island… To get to Santo Antao, take the ferry boat from Sao Vicente. The journey takes 40 min.

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Below is a description of Praia de Topo spot:

Kitesurf Santo Antao Praia de Topo Cape Verde

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Morabeza Tours

Phone: 00238 5933240

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The wind on the beach and at the edge of the water is significantly less strong compared to the wind out on the sea. Praia de Topo has the only beachclub on Santo Antao with very European style foods made with only local products.


From the ferry boat take the main road to the left, direction Tarrafal.

After about 1.5 km, turn to the left (one road there is a sign “Praia de Topo” and “Morabeza Tours”) so follow the signs towards the beach.